Submission of application for the EEA Grants programme: Platform for Political Innovation

Submission of application for the EEA Grants programme: Platform for Political Innovation

We are delighted to inform you that PLACE IDENTITY GR -CLUSTERS has submitted an application to the EEA Grants programme ‘We are all citizens’, a fund for Greek NGOs created by EEA countries Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein.

Our proposal is entitled ‘Platform for Political Innovation’ and is to be realized in partnership with 3 active Greek NGOs:

  • CulturePolis: Forum for Culture, Sustainability and Innovation
  • Cafebabel Greece youth electronic magazine, member of  Babel International aiming to create a common European public opinion
  • SciFy– Science For You IT company tha offers  access to its products with open source technology

The Platform for Political Innovation is a project aiming to strengthen the role and efficiency of Civil Society in Greece, focusing on the imperative need for innovation in policy-making. The project includes: A) Comparative research and data visualization on political rights and the institutional role of Civil Society in Greece. B) Educational programmes in participatory design and participatory leadership, diffusing cutting-edge social technologies (world café, open space, future workshop). C) Innovation labs for the development of prototype participatory decision-making processes at local and national level. D) Applications and activities for the dissemination of new knowledge and information on the democratic deficit in Greece and the potential of democratic and collaborative practices in today’s world. E) A major interdisciplinary conference on ‘Social and Technological Innovation for Democracy’. F) Open source technological tools for civic engagement. The proposed action plan constitutes the phase b of the wider social project “POLITEIA 2.0: Democracy reborn’’ which won the Audience Award in the 2012 European Investment Bank Social Innovation Tournament.  The Platform for Political Innovation involves scientific advisors from Iceland, Norway and Germany and is expected to engage over 3000 citizens in 5 Greek cities over 16 months.

We are looking forward to a positive reply by the Bodossakis Foundation which is managing the fund in Greece.

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