IDEATOPOS constitutes an interdisciplinary project connecting Citizens with Solutions. Researchers, policy-makers, private sector representatives and civil society activists come together in order to explore and develop new theory and best practices that will rise up to facing current societal challenges. The IDEATOPOS programme comprises of a central interdisciplinary conference and workshops, enhanced by events and activities for the extroversion of information and citizens’ participation, at local , national and international  level.

The 1st IDEATOPOS conference on ”Place Marketing & Branding” took place in March 2012 in Volos, in collaboration with the University of Thessaly. 123 studies/projects were presented to 405 participants, while 10 parallel urban events got 20.000 citizens involved in the issues discussed during the Conference.

The 2nd IDEATOPOS conference on ”Social and Technological Innovation for Democracy” will take place  in Athens in partnership with international organizations on March 26-29, 2015.  For more information visit: